City Commission Updates

We listened in and read the agenda minutes so you didn't have to

By Drew Monroe | Published on 2/8/2024, 4:45:00 AM

The City Commission met Tuesday evening. Here's your 30 second rundown of what was discussed:

  • Only 3 commissioners were present, with Commissioners Coburn and Fischer absent.
  • A bunch of consent items were bulk approved
  • Consent items were comprised of a number of Professional Service Agreements (PSA) to work with local companies on a number of city-related projects
  • One PSA was to begin work with Root Policy Research for the FY24-26 Consolidated Plan, Community Housing Action Plan, and Citizen Participation Plan, in alignment with the city's strategic goal of promoting sustainable housing and transportation options.
  • Other consent item(s) were related to the Bozeman Swim Center. The facility continues to remain open but will continue to undergo modifications and upgrades which can be read in more detail here and here.
  • It was decided to continue public conversations on March 5th, 2024 around zoning changes and a change to the Future Land Use Map related to potential developments at the NE corner of 19th and Graf.
  • And lastly, there's two Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects, applying for tax credits and exemptions. The Midtown Aspen Apartments and the Aspen 8 Residences are located around 7th Ave in the Midtown Urban Renewal District. There were questions from the commission and comments heard from the public. Nothing was approved or denied.

To watch the meeting in its entirety or to read through the agenda and related items click here.