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Bridger Bagels is taking the B out of NYC

By Drew Monroe | Published on 2/15/2024, 5:00:00 AM

The thought of Bozeman doesn't usually conjure images of delicious New York-style bagels. Yet, Zoe Fotinos' mission to create the best artisan New York-style bagel is surprisingly located right here in town, 2,175.5 miles away from NYC.

Boiling the best New York-style bagel wasn't something Fotinos had anticipated. After briefly pursuing biomedical engineering at MSU and deciding that lab work wasn't her calling, Fotinos' role as a local pastry chef, combined with her love of skiing, inspired her to try something out of the box.

Bridger Bagels was born out of a simple need to bypass the morning queue at local bakeries and to make first chair at Bridger Bowl with friends. What began as a generous gesture of making hot sandwiches for friends and neighbors quickly transformed, with those same individuals offering to pay Fotinos for her bagels. A hobby quickly became a thriving business endeavor.

Fotinos says the business exploded in 2023. She was splitting time between four farmers' markets a week, plus offering a delivery service on Saturday mornings.

2024 could knead into shape as a breakout year for Bridger Bagels. Fotinos tells us she is officially in the market for a food truck and a semi-permanent location where she can serve the Bozeman crowds daily.

You can find all the ordering and delivery options, in addition to the ingredients used and toppings available, by heading over to their website at bridgerbagels.com.