Bozeman Swears in Mayor & Deputy Mayor

New Mayor Terry Cunningham is ready to "get $H!T done"

By Drew Monroe | Published on 1/10/2024, 10:00:00 AM

Bozeman City Government

Terry Cunningham was sworn in on Tuesday as the new Mayor, marking the end of Mayor Cyndy Andrus' 14 year tenure on the city commission. Joey Morrison, who was elected to start as mayor in 2026, was sworn in as the new Deputy Mayor.

High (Pressure) Times: All that eggnog over the holidays wasn't the only thing leading to rising blood pressure in 2023. Bozeman has seen sharp divisions over important matters like urban camping, affordable housing, Airbnb regulations and city development rezoning proposals.

Gets... Stuff Done: According to Terry (or rather some party goers) he "gets $H!T done". Terry comes into the role with previous experience fighting for housing and development rights while Joey, a newcomer to City Hall has spent his young career as a social worker and housing organizer.

If there was ever a duo to help lead the charge on all things housing & urban development it seems like these guys are the Shaq & Kobe of local politics. Time will tell if this is the slam dunk Bozeman was looking for.

City Commission meets every Tuesday night at 6:00pm at City Hall.