March 21, 2024

Bozeman Journal

Good Morning Bozeman! It's been an eventful week since we last hit your inbox.

From MSU's participation in the NCAA tournament, the Mayor's address to the city, and the loss of a cherished local restaurateur and city leader. We've got your full roundup in the next couple minutes.

In Today's Edition:

  • Local Business
  • Civil News
  • Things to Do in the Near Future

❓ Trivia

How many times has MSU's Men's Basketball Team appeared in the NCAA tournament (this year included)?

a) 4
b) 3
c) 5
d) 6

*Answer at the bottom of this email

Photo of the Week

If you haven't made your way over to Tippet Rise in the summer, you're missing out on a hidden gem. This is a must-do weekend trip with friends and family.

Dive into their website to snag a spot in the concert series ticket lottery, and circle April 10th on your calendar as the day to book your hiking and biking tickets - these usually go quickly (within 24 hours)!

Shout out to a reader of ours, Blair, for showing us this place many years ago.

Local Business

  • I-Ho Pomeroy: owner of I-Ho's Korean Grill and former city commissioner, passed away last week. The statement from the city on the 15th read:

    I-Ho was a bright light in our community and spread joy to everyone she interacted with. She worked tirelessly to build a successful business from the ground up, spent many hours thoughtfully guiding the City, and hosted numerous fundraisers to help our community in times of need. More importantly, she was beloved by residents from all walks of life, and she was never shy to give a hug and a smile to friends new and old. Even in her final days, she radiated warmth and positivity as she met with friends and spent time with family.

  • OnX Acquires TroutRoutes: a platform specializing in stream and river fishing data. This acquisition aims to enrich OnX's offerings by integrating TroutRoutes' detailed fishing information into its platform, providing anglers with comprehensive tools for trip planning and navigation. You can read more here.

  • Williams Homes: is having their Northwest Crossing model home grand opening this Saturday @ 11am. Northwest Crossing is one of the newest communities on the West side of town, across from Gallatin High School.

    You can find more information about the site plan, lot prices and potential floor plans over on Williams Homes website.

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News you might have missed this week from publishers & blogs around the valley:

  • Grocery Store Boom: As first reported by The Bozeman Real Estate Group, Bozeman is getting yet another grocery store. There's plans for a potential store in the same shopping area as McDonald's and Hobby Lobby @ W. Main and N. 15th. The article here, highlights the site's intriguing history, noting its location within a "Brownfield" Solvent Site Zone and gives a good guess to what brand is coming into town!

  • Bozeman Ranks #1: According to, Bozeman ranked as the #1 college town this year. Pullman, Wa came in second and Clemson, SC came in third according to the same rankings. With tuition costs below the national average, a rich student life on campus and all the surrounding activities, honestly, we're surprised it's taken them this long to list us as #1.

Civil News

Bozeman Mayor Cunningham: spoke this week at the State of the City. You can catch the video in it's entirety here. Here's our 3 key takeaways:

  • Growth and housing: Gallatin County is expected to double in population in the next 20 years (> 200k) and the county has accounted for 32% of all new jobs in Montana in the past decade.

    With all this growth, Cunningham sold his solution of "building the right housing in the right places". He touted some changes that the commission has already overseen and will continue to push for including long-term deed restricted housing, working with developers to incentivize building of affordable housing and instituting STR restrictions.

  • Water: Here in the valley, 80% of our water comes from the Gallatin Range, and 20% comes from the Bridger Range. Notably, 50% of our annual residential water consumption is used for watering lawns in the summer. The city is looking for ways to continue conserving usage while simultaneously investing in potential storage solutions. These efforts can provide a buffer during times of scarcity and help ensure a reliable supply.

  • Foster public trust: Mayor Cunningham plans to propose measures to enhance public trust and support for local governance. This comes with little surprise given public disapproval with the city's past handling of certain developments and the recent issues with the former city manager. The effectiveness of any action to help increase trust and support remains to be seen.

We're switching it up this week and bringing you some things to do in the near future. Now that spring is here and summer is right around the corner, you've likely got some weekend planning to do. Here's some notable events to be aware of:

  • Next weekend is the 48th annual American Indian Council Powwow at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse. There's a grand entry on Friday evening @ 6pm with events running through Saturday with a fun run in the morning and additional grand entries at noon and 6pm. This is a free event and open to the public. Great for kids and adults alike. More info here.

  • The 4th annual Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week is happening April 22 - 28. Keep an eye on your favorite haunts to see what specials and exclusive dining deals they might be cooking up for this week. More info on the event can be found here.

  • We're shocked that as of this morning, there are still tickets to this event over at North Bridger Bison Ranch on the evening of July 13th. This is the 2nd year that Outstanding in the Field is hosting a dinner on the ranch and tickets sold out in 24 hours last year.

    The dinner is pricey but the experience is 100% worth it (we were lucky enough to attend in 2023). The Skoglunds are exceptional hosts, and this year's chefs, Jarrett Wrisley and Candice Lin, run Shan, one of the most talked-about restaurants in town. This will be an unforgettable summer evening.

  • We hate to beat a dead horse, but you've really got to mark your calendars for April 10th. Tippet Rise allows a limited number of visitors per weekend throughout the summer.

    Tickets are FREE but once they're accounted for online, they're gone. If you're looking for a unique art experience just over an hour away - plan to click some buttons on their website on April 10th. More info here.

Trivia Answer

The answer is d).

Including this year, the team has made it to the NCAA tournament 6 times. As of last night their record in the tournament is 0-6.