Trailblazers Expanding Public Access

Grant program suceeds at increasing public access for all

By Drew Monroe | Published on 1/16/2024, 5:00:00 AM

onX Press

onX, a leader in outdoor digital navigation, recently surpassed its ambitious 2018 goal of refurbishing 150 miles of trails and enhancing public access to 150,000 acres of land, marking a notable victory for outdoor enthusiasts.

As of December 2023, onX’s Access and Stewardship Grant Program had supported 53 projects across 20 states. These initiatives have increased access to 154,688 acres of land and rejuvenated 255 miles of trails, catering to a wide range of activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, and various motorsports.

Here at home, onX's grant program has teamed up with the Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) not once, but twice. Their first project in 2020 involved acquiring 160 acres in Middle Cottonwood Canyon. The second, in 2022, secured a key 0.6-mile trail easement between the M and Mount Baldy.

Challenges and Future Goals: onX CEO and Bozeman resident Laura Orvida underscores the ongoing threats to natural landscapes from urban sprawl and industrial development. She emphasizes that protecting access to these areas is core to onX’s mission.

As the company looks toward 2024, it's actively seeking feedback from the outdoor community to inform future projects. For more in-depth information about the onX Access and Stewardship Grant Program and its role in enhancing outdoor experiences, visit their website.

onX is based in Missoula, with an office in Bozeman that currently has several open positions.