United Becomes Top Airline for Passenger Volume at BZN in 2023

Allegiant sees greatest % change from 2022

By Drew Monroe | Published on 1/23/2024, 4:30:12 PM

If Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN) were to present a "Golden Globe" for the airline that turned around the most passengers in 2023 (may we suggest the concept of a "Golden Wing Award"?), United would be the clear winner.

According to statistics from BZN, United saw 325,528 passengers board and 329,139 passengers de-board their planes in 2023. This represented a 10% increase in boarding and a 12% increase in de-boarding compared to the previous year.

These figures were just above Delta's who helped board 316,815 and de-board 313,980 passengers throughout 2023 at BZN and only saw a 1-2% increase in passenger numbers from the previous year.

The award for most growth? Allegiant.

In 2023, Allegiant experienced a 21% growth in the number of passengers both boarding and disembarking. In total, approximately 62,000 passengers were assisted by Allegiant in each of these categories throughout the year.

Alaska Airlines also experienced notable growth, with a 14% increase in boarding passengers and a 15% increase in de-boarding passengers from the previous year. For both categories, the figures were approximately 130,000 passengers each.

We'll keep you posted if Delta starts offering some deals out of BZN as they try to capture back our Golden Wing Award in 2024.