Vienne Expanding Beyond Bakery Roots

French pastries, select wines and gourmet cheeses under a single roof... a food pyramid shaped like the Eiffel Tower

By Drew Monroe | Published on 1/25/2024, 5:00:00 AM

Vienne, a local bakery and café, could soon be the hottest wine bar on S. Wallace Ave. Earlier this month, owner Anna Mendoza applied for a Beer and Wine license with the City of Bozeman, coming one step closer to realizing her dreams. It was just in March of '22, that Mendoza shared her aspirations to diversify the bakery’s offerings by incorporating a wine bar and a cheese case. If Mendoza ever decides to move on from baking, she certainly has a future in guiding business manifestation.

Once the application is approved, Mendoza envisions Vienne as a one-stop shop for dinner parties and picnics. She plans to extend the bakery's hours, creating a welcoming evening atmosphere where patrons can either grab bread, cheese, and wine to go, or stay and relax after work.

Along with the extended hours, Mendoza plans to introduce an updated menu that includes flat breads and a savory Pithivier pastry dish, all thoughtfully paired with the wine offerings. "While we're still working out the details, expect to see pairings of wine with desserts, as well as cheese and wine combinations," Mendoza said.

For weekend visitors, Mendoza hints at the possibility of introducing mimosas, further enhancing the bakery's already popular weekend menu.

With French pastries, select wines, and gourmet cheeses all under one roof, this is a development worth following.